Through the years, a Pinoy’s love for family has always been a favorite theme in media, highlighted in everything from TV shows, movies, and advertising campaigns. The message of togetherness has always resonated strongly with viewers and the feelings these stories evoke have been proven through the test of time. With the advent of social media, the core of many ads still stay true to their visuals of love. The only difference now is how the delivery of the message has transformed over time.

In the early 2000s, heart-warming ads like the McDonalds Karen commercial featuring a lolo and his grandchild named Karen touched everyone. By 2017, Jollibee started a tradition to come out with Valentine’s day videos that easily went viral for their relatable and smile-inducing short stories. Last year, another new trend in online ads started with companies like a local cola brand and cheese brand producing refreshingly funny commercials that broke the usual mold of local advertising. This year, Choco Mani kicks off their ad campaign with an intriguing new ad that will take your love for family and peanut chocolate to a whole new level.

In the ad, a version of our all-time Pinoy favorite candy that has the combined goodness of chocolate and peanuts surprises an unsuspecting mother and child by reincarnating overnight the husband and father they’ve both been missing. As the reunited family creates more loving memories together, the mother and son’s love for the father gets tested as they start to crave for the peanut chocolate more and more. Will they succumb to their twisted desires and sacrifice the father for their strong peanut chocolate craving? Find out in this video: