Oops! Tapos na si mommy and daddy MAKI- SHARAMDARAM!

Now’s your chance magpasikat ng SOLO! 

MAKI-SHARAMDARAM with SILKA and get a chance to win P 3,000 worth of cash at P 2,000 worth of products every week!

Ready ka na ba MAKI- SHARAMDARAM? 


1. Sundan ang Sharamdaram dance steps by following this TUTORIAL VIDEO: https://bit.ly/3ADmCg8

2. I-upload ang Sharamdaram Dance Video mo featuring your favorite Silka Skincare product on your TikTok account.  

3. The criteria for judging are the following: 
               Creativity -  50%
               Impact/Entertainment Value -  40%
               Accurate hashtag and tagging - 10% 
               Total: 100%
The decision of the judges are final and irrevocable.


1. Use the hashtags #SharamdaramWalangDuda #WalangDudaAlagangSilka and tag us @silkaskincare 

2.Make your entry PUBLIC!

3. Don’t forget to comment the link of your entry below with the phrase “NakiSharamdaram na ako!” along with the hashtags  #SharamdaramWalangDuda  #WalangDudaAlagangSilka

1 winner of P5,000.00 worth of prizes will be chosen every week until July 31!

Good luck and show us your #SharamdaramWalangDuda moves! 

Per DOH-FDA-CCHUHSRR Permit No. 0368 s. 2021