It was a night to remember! To cap off 2022, Juicy Cologne mounted this culminating event to formally announce and welcome the 8 new Juicy Cologne Brand Ambassadors!

Meet the 8 new Juicy Cologne Brand Ambassadors (from left to right):

  • Chantal Arias - Dreamsicle Ambassador
  • Aira Gloria - Sprightly Sprinkle Ambassador
  • CJ Toledo - Orange Twist Ambassador
  • Jas Pagkaliwangan - Sugar Frosting Ambassador
  • Yana Guillermo - Up, Up and Away Ambassador
  • Jaz Gayeta - Icylicious Ambassador
  • Riska Austial - Angel’s Bliss Ambassador
  • Aimee Aquino - Sweet Delights Ambassador

It all started last July 2022 when hundreds of aspirants sent their entries in the hopes of becoming one of the 8 new Juicy Cologne Brand Ambassadors. After months of preparations and challenges, the top 15 Juicy-fied Sweet Shiners made their way to the Sweet Finale - all fueled by their dreams to become an ambassador that can make a positive change to people around her.

(Gelo Buencamino with the Top 15 Juicy-fied Sweet Shiners)

The Sweet Finale was hosted by Gelo Buencamino, a MYX VJ and events host, who worked all the wonders to make it less tense for the Sweet Shiners! To add to the fun, Juicy Cologne invited Jeremy Glinoga, an OPM rising star who rose to fame when he joined and became a finalist in The Voice Teens 2017. Jeremy performed his hit songs, “Your Everything”, “Who Knows”, and “Sinayang Mo”.

(Jeremy Glinoga serenades the Sweet Shiners with his hit songs)

After Jeremy’s performance, the nerve-wracking Q&A segment happened where each Sweet Shiner answered each question with grace. The Q&A segment was a way for the judges to get to know more about the Top 15 Juicy-fied Sweet Shiners’ personalities, beliefs, and to test out their spontaneity and confidence. Juicy Cologne invited three judges to get to know and test the Sweet Shiners.
(L-R: Allen Vasquez, Raessy Angeles, and Patch Magtanong)
First judge is Allen Vasquez, Rakso Computer Technology’s (Rakso CT) President, the digital agency partner of Juicy Cologne. Next judge is Raessy Angeles, Brand Manager of Juicy Cologne and Biogenic Alcohol. Finally, Patch Magtanong, beauty pageant titleholder and lawyer who was crowned Binibining Pilipinas International 2019.

What a way to end the year for Juicy Cologne! Everyone went home happy and accomplished as each Sweet Shiner had gone through different firsts throughout this sweet journey - from discovering new hobbies and getting into vlogging through the weekly challenges, to going through workshops with Angelique Manto, Third World Improv, and Miss Nate. The Top 15 Juicy-fied Sweet Shiners will have an even brighter future ahead of them!


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